Bahrain circuit to be longer and slower

The new section of Bahrain

The new section of Bahrain

The Bahrain F1 circuit has been changed, with a new section added after Turn 4.

There will be 0.8 km added to the track. This will make Bahrain the second longest track on the F1 calendar (6.299km), behind Spa (7.004km) and ahead of Suzuka (5.807km).

After Turn 4, the circuit usually goes into an S-shaped curve. Instead of this, there will be a left turn, followed by a series of 90 degree corners, followed by a long hairpin.

The chairman of the circuit, Zayed Alzayani, said:

“The loop was completed in 2006 as part of the built-in evolution of the venue for competitors and fans. We gave it its debut with the inaugural 24 Hour Race of Bahrain that same year where it proved extremely successful, and with the changes to the regulations, the teams and the driver line-ups in Formula One this year it is the perfect time to evolve the circuit with this new challenge and new overtaking opportunities.”

This makes very little sense. There is no overtaking opportunity in this new section, and seems to be to be less punishing on the cars’ brakes.

This track has been used before, at the 24 Hour Race of Bahrain. This has 120 cars in it, so we can be assured that 26 F1 cars will fit.

I’m not convinced by this move, but it doesn’t seem to be too bad. Let’s see how it fares as the season opener on the 14th March.


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