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Ferrari livery revealed? (updated)

First pictures of Ferrari's 2010 car

First pictures of Ferrari's 2010 car

The first images of Ferrari’s 2010 challenger have been released on the internet.

Spanish website and newspaper Marca claims to have the exclusive first pictures of the new car.

Also, Ferrari have released pictures of Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella in racing overalls. Both the car and overalls seem to have the same design, the usual red now with a revised Santander logo. Instead of white writing on a red background (which is the norm for Santander), it is the othe r way around.

Personally, I quite like the overalls, but I’m already starting to despise the car. The white front and rear wings are horrible, in my opinion. Ferrari really need to bring back the old red and black combination from the early 1990’s, it looked much better.

More photos of the new Ferrari and the drivers:

Update: The picture of Fernando Alonso driving the car was the F60 with the 2010 livery. It couldn’t have been the 2010 car, since testing this year’s cars are banned until February.


Button’s new helmet revealed?

Photo of Jenson Button's new helmet

Photo of Jenson Button's new helmet

Jenson Button’s helmet for 2010 may have been posted online on Twitter.

A tweeter called @honeybee85 won the chance to be a part in the McLaren photoshoot at the McLaren Technology Centre. She later posted a picture of Button’s picture online.

It appears to be quite like the old blue and red Union Jack design he used at Honda, before he changed it to the flourescent yellow to suit the Brawn GP livery.

Whether this is the new 2010 helmet, we will have to see.

Schumacher targeting both titles in 2010

Michael Schumacher in a GP2 car

Michael Schumacher in a GP2 car

Michael Schumacher has said that he and the Mercedes GP team are planning to win both world championships this year.

On his personal website, he wrote:

“The constellation we have here is pretty unique – with Ross and his world championship winning team, with the know-how of Mercedes, with the best engine at the moment and we want to use that. We have a clear aim: we want to win the championships. That’s what we will fight for from the beginning. That is my personal standard too.”

Also, he believes that, thanks to his 3-year break, he is stronger than ever before.

“After my retirement at the end of 2006 I was very happy,” he explained. “I felt relieved and free. It was good for me to be quiet for those three years. It really feels as if my batteries have been fully recharged. My energy is back completely. I have really noticed how the prickle has returned and how motivated I am, because I am looking forward to this competition so much.”

Clearly, he is well motivated ahead of this season, but can he do it? The Mercedes car, as we know, has taken all technical information off Brawn, who had started on their 2010 challenger as early as Silverstone (July) 2009. I suppose this all boils down to whether he has the machinery for the job or not.

Kubica may start testing alone

Eric Boullier with Robert Kubica

Eric Boullier with Robert Kubica

Renault team boss Eric Boullier has said that first driver Robert Kubica may start the testing season alone, if the team does not find a second driver in time.

The Renault R30 will be released on the 31st January, and will begin testing the next day. However, there are still many doubts regarding the second driver.

Boullier told Autosport:

“It’s not decided yet, very frankly.”

“We are still looking at several drivers available on the market. Two of them are experienced, two of them are rookies. We are now the last established team [without two drivers] and the situation is very different than in July, when you could discuss with everybody.”

There are many rumours that Nick Heidfeld would rejoin Kubica at Renault, having spent 2 years with him in BMW Sauber. Boullier refuses to deny these rumours, saying:

“It would be a lie to say ‘no’. Definitely it’s a different question because he has spent so many years with Robert; the question mark is if we want to put them together again or not – but he is on the list.”

Apart from this, it is known that Ho-Pin-Tung, who tested for Renault in December and is part of Boullier’s driver managment business, is also being considered for the seat.

However, in my opinion, it would be madness to throw away a talent like Heidfeld for someone who finished last at all 3 tests out of 11 drivers.Nick comes with years of experience, and is incredibly reliable as well. Yet, he continues to be ignored, even when he beats stars of the future like Kubica. It would be terible not to see him in F1 next year.

Schuamcher takes #3 from Rosberg

Michael Schumacher has taken Nico Rosberg’s #3 at Mercedes GP for the upcoming season.

Schumacher said to German newspaper Bild: “Ross [Brawn] knows that I like odd numbers.”

A spokesperson told Reuters: “Michael has a preference for odd numbers. He asked if he could be the odd number and we were happy to accept.”

Utter rubbish, in my opinion. This is Schumacher already trying his old tricks, trying to get a phsychological edge over Rosberg, before the season has even started.

The important thing here is for Nico to not respond to this. Ross Brawn already has shown that he will prefer Schumacher, and Rosberg must accept this.