Alonso: Ferrari titles may take time

Felipe Massa, Bernie Ecclestone and Fernando Alonso

Felipe Massa, Bernie Ecclestone and Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso has sais that, despite just joining Ferrari, world titles may take time to come for him and the team.

“It’s not that easy. Michael Schumacher himself needed five years to win after joining Ferrari,” Alonso told Spanish radio Onda Cero in an interview.

“Formula 1 is not simply mathematics. We see the same in football and in other sports, where you see that a great team can lose in a small team’s stadium.”

“In F1 it’s more or less the same, and theory is not everything. Then things on track must go well and you have to prove things.”

Also, Alosno says that it is difficult to tell who will be his main rivals for next year, as testing has not yet begun.

“It’s hard to pick the order,” he said. “The two Mercedes drivers, the two McLaren drivers, maybe the two Red Bulls, and also my team-mate Massa are in theory the big favourites for the title, but there could be some surprises, like it happened last year with Brawn or Toyota, which started the championship very well.”

Also, he responded to rumours that he and Felipe Massa were not getting along.

“The memory of the Nurburgring race is just for those who few who will be looking for any kind of controversy,” he said. “Surely there will be a start in which the two McLarens are too close to each other and then there will be a debate about Button and Hamilton having problems, and the same if Felipe and I have it, or Michael and Rosberg.”

“That’s the expectation created by a big team, with the all media attention it brings. There’s not a problem, we are both prepared to help Ferrari.”


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