Mercedes’ driver status is Ross Brawn’s call

Michael Schumacher with Ross Brawn

Michael Schumacher with Ross Brawn

The Mercedes chief, Dieter Zetsche, has said that it is up to Ross Brawn whether Michael Schumacher will get number one status within the team.

Over his career, Schumacher has had a history of Ross Brawn favouring him over the second driver, most notably Rubens Barrichello. The fact that Schuamcher’s team mates could not compete with him gave him a significant advantage over his career.

In an interview with Gazetto dello Sport, Dieter Zetsche said:

“We have a team manager for this. Ross Brawn is one of the best. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t have won both titles last year, despite his team being in their debut. He will decide and it will be the best for the drivers and the constructor.”

He was then asked how he felt hiring a driver who had been retired for three years. He responded:

“We are convinced that Michael will do well and that he’ll win again. Maybe not immediately, let’s give him some time, but an ace never disappoints. I’ve been impressed by his enthusiasm. Rather than a return, it seems to me like a new debut.”

Michael Schumacher will race in the Mercedes team this year alongside fellow German Nico Rosberg.


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