Vettel not concerned about testing absence

Sebastian Vettel has said that he is not concerned about Red Bull missing the first F1 2010 test, in Valencia. On the contrary, he believes that the extra time spent in the wind tunnel will pay off in the long run.

In an interview with the website, he said:

“Sure it’s disappointing. But we will have 12 days of testing for the new car, which is plenty of time. It’s much better to spend time in the windtunnel and on the design of the new car, so I am perfectly happy with this.”

Regardless of this absence from the first test, Vettel is still aiming for a world championship this year.

“It’s my target to win the championship as soon as possible,” he said. “It is why I am here and, as always, I will give my best and fight until the very end. It’s very difficult to predict anything before testing has even started, but after the first race in Bahrain we will know more. I want to be the best of all. 2009 was a good year for me, and now I am working very hard to make this new season even better.”

He appears to have lost none of his competitive nature, adding:

“Out on the circuit everybody is your ‘enemy’, it doesn’t matter who it is. In the end you have to beat them all.”


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