Coulthard: Schumacher will still be ruthless

David Coulthard at the Autosport International

David Coulthard at the Autosport International

David Coulthard has warned the younger generation of Formula 1 that Michael Schumacher’s ruthlessness may surprise them this year.

The Scotsman has had several infamous clashes with the German, such as in Belgium 1998. He believes that Michael’s tough tactics may be an eye-opener for the younger drivers.

Speaking at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham, he said:

“Well, Michael is an incredible champion in F1. He has won 90-odd grands prix and seven world championships. So I would be surprised if he is surprised that F1 is difficult.”

“I actually think it will be more the other way. I think the young generation will be surprised just how ruthless Michael can be to achieve his goals. That is the thing I am curious to see – does he still have that last little killer instinct that made Michael such a dominant force in F1 before?”

Also, Coulthard admits he is fascinated to see how he gets on, after spending 3 years on the sidelines. He had previously said he never expected him to return, after 2006.

“I am surprised,” he explained. “Three years out of F1. He has been off doing motorbikes and all sorts of other things, but to come back and sign a three-year contract to comeback at 41 years old – that is tremendously exciting for motorsport in general.”

“He is a great champion, seven world championships, and he is a generation ago. Now he is coming back and mixing with all these young guys in their young twenties. I think it is fulfilling for guys like Lewis Hamilton who never had the chance to go wheel-to-wheel with Michael.”

“And however tough Michael has been in the past, there is nothing quite like trying to argue over the apex with Schumacher because he defined the whole new era of motor racing.”

“So I am curious to know will he be as aggressive and ultimately as quick as he was in the main part of his first career.”


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