Schumacher to test GP2 car this week

The Super Nova GP2 car that Schumacher will be testing

The Super Nova GP2 car that Schumacher will be testing

Michael Schumacher, who came out of retirement to driver for Mercedes for next season, will drive a GP2 car for 3 days this week to “develop new components” for the GP2 cars.

The private test will take place this week at the Jerez, from Tuesday to Thursday. This test has already been approved by the FIA, as testing is normally banned until February.

The components being developed are numerous suspension configurations, to define several new race set-ups. Also, there will be evaluation and validation of updated components, such as a new clutch, which will be introduced later this year. If these new components are successful, they will be added to the third generation GP2 car in Spring 2011.

“Today’s test marks a milestone for the GP2 Series,” said GP2 boss Bruno Michel. “It is an honour and a privilege for us to have seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher help us to develop our car. The goal of the GP2 Series is to prepare young drivers for Formula 1.

“This test will prove to be very important for the future of our GP2 drivers and will be a confirmation of the high-standards and competitiveness of our Series. Michael’s input and advice will be invaluable. I am confident that his knowledge and unparalleled driving skills will help us to develop a great car for next season.”

It is obvious that Schumacher sees this test as an opportunity to prepare himself for his F1 comeback. When he attempted to replace Felipe Massa after Hungary, he tested a Ferrari F2007, since the FIA prohibited him from testing the F60.

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