Sutil: F1 too safe for its own good

Adrian Sutil in Abu Dhabi

Adrian Sutil in Abu Dhabi

Adrian Sutil has hit out against the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi, branding it “safe but boring”.

In an interview with The Times of India, he said of the circuit:

“It was just straight and really, really boring. But I probably cannot say anything bad about it for it’s safe, like what all modern circuits should be.”

His opinion didn’t stop at the Yas Marina circuit, saying that many drivers felt that F1 was losing its thrill, because of boring circuits. He stated:

“The majority of the drivers feel this way. Of course there are a few who like the way it is, safe. There will always be different opinions about it but most of them would say there can be some changes in the circuits.”

“”Everyone loves driving because there is thrill in it. If it was not dangerous, maybe so many drivers would not be doing it.”

“Maybe there are certain risks in it but if you don’t take those risks, it would get boring. Circuits are getting too safe and driving is not so nice anymore.”

The Indian Grand Prix is scheduled for 2011, and Sutil hopes that the designers will listen to him, and put in fast and challenging corners. Unfortunately, the draft layout by Herman Tilke last November seems to indicate many slow corners, such as hairpins and chicanes.

In my opinion, we need a wide variety of circuits on the F1 calendar. Slow and difficult to overtake circuits like Monaco and Hungary should stay, while we also need high-speed challenges like Spa, Brazil and Monza. A few medium circuits like Turkey, Malaysia and China should stay also. Because of the new tracks coming in in the next few years, Barcelona should probably go.


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