Schumacher impressed by Mercedes

Michael Schumacher visiting the Mercedes GP factory in Brackley

Michael Schumacher visiting the Mercedes GP factory in Brackley

Michael Schumacher has said that he is impressed by the work of the people in Mercedes. He visited the Brackley factory for 2 days this week, as part of getting to know the team before the season starts.

He had visited the team factory in December also, as part of finalising his deal to drive with them next year.

On his personal website, he wrote:

“I have been in the factory in Brackley now for two days and spent the time to get to know the engineers and the structures a bit better, and I am extremely positive surprised about how motivated everbody was. This a world champion team but it does not seem to be spoilt by success at all; it seems to be hungry for more instead!”

The trip marked the start of his serious work with the team, as they prepare for the 2010 season.

“It is important for me to be informed about everything and it was very interesting to get to understand the engineers and their structures and the way they work. I was there already around the time of the signature of the contract and learned a lot, now I have seen much more about the team.”

Schumacher was also impressed by the many German-speaking people who worked at the factory. This will surely help him adapt to his new team.

Mercedes are set to launch their car on the 1st February, in Valencia, with Nico Rosberg driving the car first. It is unclear when Schumacher will get to drive, but it will probably be the 2nd or 3rd February.


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