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Rosberg expects equality with Schumacher

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg is confident that him and Michael Schumacher will be on “equal footing” in the Mercedes team next year.

Schumacher has a history of being favoured over his team-mate, most notably with Rubens Barrichello in Ferrari from 2000 to 2005. However, Nico does not believe such an occurence will happen in Mercedes. In an interview with Fox Sports, he said:

“We are on an equal footing, it’s always been like that at Mercedes – that’s their philosophy.”

“Your team-mate is the driver you always compare yourself to because he has the same car. That’s why my aim is to be in front of him as often as possible.”

However, he is certainly in a fighting mood, when he talked to Salzburger Nachrichten. He said: “Of course I want to beat any teammate, that’s the direct confrontation, the driver has the same equipment. A little egotism is involved here.”

Rosberg has yet to win a race, but has shown fine form in a sometimes poor Williams over the years. He was one of the first drivers to announce that he would be at the first test in Valencia.

Teixeira linked with investing in Campos

Tony Teixeira, with Felipe Massa

Tony Teixeira, with Felipe Massa

A1GP boss Tony Teixeira has been linked with a deal to buy a share in the new Campos team, as the team are currently looking to bring in outside investors.

Campos is currently on track to enter the grid in Bahrain, with 1 driver signed, and the car nearly finished, although it may not make the first test in Valencia. However, not enough sponsorship deals have been signed yet, so the team are currently looking at alternate revenue sources. One of these would be getting an outside investor.

Teixeira has been involved in rumours like this before, having interested in the buyout of the Honda team in February 2009. Back then, he said in an interview:

“I was one of the guys talking to Honda in the last two weeks. We had done a deal on Spyker, but I let Vijay [Mallya] take it… We then went to Toro Rosso in November and all the [other] teams said ‘no customer cars’ so I had to walk away.”