Button downplays Hamilton advantage

Jenson Button

Jenson Button

Jenson Button has downplayed the advantage that Lewis Hamilton over him this year, but admits it will take time for him to adapt into his new team.

In an interview with Reuters: He said: “”I’m not going to say he (Hamilton) starts with a big advantage. I will say that it is all new to me with this team.”

“Maybe if I stayed where I was it would have been harder to get a second title. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so motivated. But moving to where I am now I think it has really motivated me,” he said.

“It is something that really excites me and something I am going to work really hard on achieving with the team this year.”

When asked about racing against Michael Schumacher again, he said: ”

“I think it is amazing for the sport,” he added “I think having four world champions racing, and one of them who has achieved more than anyone else in the sport, is great.”

“It’s an unusual decision by Michael but he’s obviously got his reasons… you’ve got to say fair play to Ross [Brawn] for getting him on board. It’s great having him back on the grid and I look forward to the challenge this year with him.”


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