Abu Dhabi to host 2010 finale

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2009

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2009

After the meeting of the FIA World Motor Sport Council today, it was decided that the 2010 calendar was to be changed, with Abu Dhabi now taking the final race of the season instead of Brazil.

The Brazilian Grand Prix will now be moved to the 7th November, with Abu Dhabi on the 14th. Korea’s race (yet to be homolgated) is scheduled for the 24th October, the third last race.

2010 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar
14 March – Bahrain
28 March – Australia
4 April – Malaysia
18 April – China
9 May – Spain
16 May – Monaco
30 May – Turkey
13 June – Canada
27 June – Europe (Valencia)
11 July – Great Britain
25 July – Germany
1 August – Hungary
29 August – Belgium
12 September – Italy
26 September – Singapore
10 October – Japan
24 October – Korea*
7 November – Brazil
14 November – Abu Dhabi

*Subject to the homologation of the circuit.

Note: The races in Australia and Abu Dhabi will start at 1700 local time, in Malaysia at 1600 local time, in Canada at 1200 local time, in Singapore at 2000 local time, and in Japan at 1500 local time.


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