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Silverstone plans revised circuit

Silverstone's proposed layout for 2010

Silverstone's proposed layout for 2010

Silverstone has announced its intention to use a new circuit layout for 2010. The first half of the circuit will remain the same, but the high-speed Bridge corner will be removed.

This new circuit has already been approved by FIM, the Moto GP governing body, but it will take a while for the FIA to make a decicion.

As shown in the picture, the circuit will now take a right hand turn just before Abbey corner, a sharp left, then two small straights will bring the cars back to the Brooklands corner. This means that Bridge, Abbey and Priory will now be missed by the new layout.

If the new layout for 2010 is used and found unsuccessful, the old layout may be used again at the next race onwards.

Silverstone's proposed layout for 2010