2010 testing- December 3rd

Daniel RicciardoDaniel Ricciardo ended the three-day test session in Jerez in scintillating form, as the Red Bull driver set the fastest time of the week to finish top of the timesheets. He completed 77 laps, and had a fastest lap of 1.17.418.

Conditions improved gradually across the day, so drivers who went out earlier were caught out.

Today, Ferrari gave the car to three drivers across the day: Pablo Sanchez, Daniel Zampieri and Zipoli. These were the top three finishers in this year’s Italian Formula 3 championship.

Toro Rosso allowed Mirko Bortolotti to drive 34 laps in the morning, before handding the seat over to Brendon Hartley.

There were many incidents over the day. Daniel Ricciardo’s car emitted a huge plume of smoke at the exit of the chicane, while JR Hildebrand had his runs spoiled with electronic problems. Paul di Resta and Daniel Zampieri both spun on track. All of these incidents (excluding Hildebrand) brought out the red flag for a while.

The unofficial times are as follows:

Pos Driver       Team            Time               Laps
 1. Ricciardo    Red Bull        1m17.418s            77
 2. Di Resta     Force India     1m18.736s  + 1.318s  53
 3. Paffett      McLaren         1m18.746s  + 1.328s  59
 4. Conway       Brawn           1m19.096s  + 1.678s  77
 5. Hulkenberg   Williams        1m19.226s  + 1.808s 106
 6. Baguette     Sauber          1m19.356s  + 1.938s  70
 7. Turvey       McLaren         1m19.358s  + 1.940s  32
 8. Ericsson     Brawn           1m19.382s  + 1.964s  49
 9. Di Grassi    Renault         1m19.602s  + 2.184s 123
10. Hildebrand   Force India     1m19.873s  + 2.455s  41
11. Sanchez      Ferrari         1m21.147s  + 3.650s  39
12. Zampieri     Ferrari         1m21.279s  + 3.861s  42
12. Zipoli       Ferrari         1m21.725s  + 4.307s  41
13. Hartley      Toro Rosso      1m22.493s  + 5.075s  50
15. Bortolotti   Toro Rosso      1m23.271s  + 5.853s  34
16. Tung         Renault         1m32.477s  + 15.059s  4


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